Radio Looe

Volunteering Policy


  1. The importance of volunteers to Radio Looe

1.1. Volunteers are invaluable to Radio Looe as they enable us to do work that

would not otherwise be possible, and often contribute specialist skills and knowledge.

Working with volunteers provides an opportunity for Radio Looe to engage on

a deeper level with some of our users, and increase mutual understanding of their

requirements and our activities.

1.2. Radio Looe welcomes the contribution made by volunteers, and is committed

to encouraging more volunteering where possible.

  1. The relationship between Radio Looe and volunteers

2.1. The relationship of a volunteer to Radio Looe is one bound by trust, mutual

understanding and benefit; it is a ‘gift’ relationship, with time given freely and willingly,

without expectation of financial reward by the volunteer. Neither we nor the volunteer

regard the relationship as a contract of employment.

2.2  Radio Looe recognises that harassment in the workplace is unacceptable and often unlawful. We are committed to providing an environment that is harmonious and acceptable to all.

2.3 Radio Looe is guided by the values of integrity, respect, care, belief and co-operation.   Bullying and harassment can be detrimental to individuals and may happen without the individual or others recognising the behaviour. It’s also important to acknowledge that, for various reasons, recipients of bullying and harassment may not wish or be able to report their concerns. Bullying or harassment can take many forms; it can occur between two individuals or may involve groups. It may be persistent or an isolated incident. It can also occur in person, written or electronic communications, including social media or by phone.

Bullying is characterised as offensive, intimidating, malicious or insulting behaviour, abuse or misuse of power through means that undermine, humiliate, denigrate or injure the recipient. It’s a criticism of the person rather than their mistakes, to publicly humiliate rather than privately correct; and results in the individual feeling threatened or compromised.

Any such unwanted behaviour is unacceptable if it can reasonably be considered as having the purpose or effect of violating the recipient’s dignity and/or creating an intimidating, hostile, degrading, humiliating or offensive environment. Harassment generally consists of a number of incidents, although a single incident may amount to harassment, if sufficiently serious.

Bullying and harassment includes all communication whether it’s verbal, non-verbal or in writing, including over social media and all electronic communication.


2.4. No enforceable obligation, contractual or otherwise, can be imposed on the volunteer to

attend, give or be set a minimum amount of time or carry out the tasks provided.

Likewise we cannot be compelled to provide regular work or benefit for any activity


2.3. The relationship is based on the principle that volunteers add value to our work by

performing a wide range of roles, and by contributing specialist skills and a flexible


2.4. Although volunteers offer time freely and willing and without binding obligation, there is a

presumption of mutual support and reliability.

  1. Principles for volunteer management

3.1. This policy sets out the broad principles of volunteering at Radio Looe and

forms the foundation for good-practice volunteer management across the organisation.


  • We will always aim for fair and equal treatment for all volunteers.
  • We aim to match volunteers with suitable projects so that we gain from the activities

of the volunteers and the volunteers gain from working with us.

  • Each volunteer (or volunteer group) will be appointed a volunteer supervisor to guide

and advise them in their tasks.

  • The volunteer supervisor will be responsible for providing the necessary induction,

training and ongoing development, so that volunteers can be effective in their role.

  • In return we expect that volunteers will provide their time and help us to keep our

projects on track.

3.2. This policy is relevant for all current and potential volunteers, as well as every member of

staff concerned with selecting, supporting, developing volunteers, managing volunteer

projects or promoting voluntary activity within Radio Looe.

3.3. This policy is available to download from Radio Looe’ website – printed copies

are available on request.

  1. Selection of volunteers

4.1. We have a fair and consistent process for selecting volunteers that is relevant and

appropriate to each role.

4.2. Our volunteering communications will use language that is accessible and easily

understood, using various formats and messages to attract a diverse range of applicants.

4.3. We will select volunteers according to project needs and aim to match volunteers’ skills,

knowledge, experience, motivation and availability to suitable projects. We will seek

opportunities for tasks to be undertaken in ways which will provide identifiable benefits

and motivation for potential volunteers. Staff will also discuss individual volunteer

requirements to ensure that volunteers feel adequately supported in their role throughout

their time as a volunteer.

4.4. Usually anyone being considered for a volunteer role will be invited for an informal

interview with the project supervisor, who will explore their skills, experience, interests

and suitability, as well as their motivation, with the aim of setting up teams that are best

suited for the project.

4.5. We will ensure that all potential volunteers have a clear understanding of their role so as

to support them in selecting an appropriate placement. For individual volunteers, this will

be in the form of a concise role description prepared by their volunteer supervisor within a

recommended format and usually placed on our website together with a call for


4.6. Reasonable adjustments may be made to the selection methods to suit the particular

access requirements of applicants with disabilities.

  1. Equal opportunities and diversity

5.1. Radio Looe recognises the importance of encouraging diversity and achieving

equality among volunteers, as well as employees and users. Volunteers are actively

encouraged from a wide cross-section of backgrounds and experiences to help ensure

that Radio Looe’ various volunteering projects are accessible to an

increasingly diverse range of people.

5.2. Radio Looe values and respects the individual by providing equality of

opportunity to all for active involvement within the scope of the organisation’s needs and


5.3. All staff, volunteers, contractors and partner organisations are expected to actively

support Radio Looe’ commitment to diversity and equality.

5.4. Acceptance of volunteer assistance for a particular role will be made on merit, the sole

selection criterion being an individual’s suitability to carry out the specified task(s) subject

to the needs and restrictions of the location, along with their availability in line with the

needs of the project. Reasonable adjustments will be considered for a volunteer with a


5.5. There is no minimum age requirement for volunteers, provided they are undertaking

suitable tasks for which there is no legal minimum age, they are supervised and not left

alone and a parent or guardian has given permission if they are under 16.

5.6. Radio Looe has no upper age limit for volunteers, recognising the contribution

made by older volunteers in terms of valuable knowledge and experience.

  1. Security and screening

6.1. Much of our volunteer work is behind the scenes, in staff areas that cannot normally be

accessed by members of the public. Some projects may require volunteers to be security

cleared, which we will arrange as appropriate.

  1. Induction, training and development

7.1. New volunteers will be made to feel welcome and will be provided with an informal

induction. As part of their induction to Radio Looe, volunteers will receive a

copy of the volunteer handbook, containing essential information for all volunteers,

together with material relevant to the specific role, location or group.

7.2. New volunteers will be given time to settle in. This will allow them to learn about the

organisation, their project and their role, as well as giving their volunteer supervisor the

opportunity to assess how their involvement is contributing to our goals. At the end of a

mutually suitable settling-in period, an informal discussion will be held between the

volunteer and volunteer supervisor to record positive experiences, as well as discuss any

areas of concern.

7.3. Volunteers will be asked to attend training to meet relevant needs and any other training

activities relevant to their specific project.

7.4. A volunteer may act as a team leader under the supervision of the project supervisor

providing this is properly specified and it has been established that the volunteer has the

necessary skills or potential.

  1. Support and supervision

8.1. Radio Looe respects volunteers by both listening to and learning from what

they have to say, supporting a two-way dialogue between staff and volunteers.

8.2. Volunteer supervisors are encouraged to discuss progress with their volunteers on a

regular basis. This provides an opportunity to monitor their contribution, establish whether

the volunteer would like to change their current contribution, and ensure that they feel

valued and satisfied with their volunteering. We also ask volunteers to complete

anonymous surveys from time to time.

8.3. Volunteers are free to end their involvement at any time. Wherever possible, an end date

should be agreed between volunteer and volunteer supervisor. Supervisors are

encouraged to hold an exit interview to find out why a volunteer is leaving, share any

learning points and establish whether the volunteer may want to be involved again in the


  1. Health and safety

9.1. We are committed to ensuring the health, safety and welfare of our volunteers. We want to

make sure that volunteers are aware of and understand the health and safety risks

associated with their role. We aim to provide volunteers with the appropriate information,

instruction, supervision and training required provide a safe environment while

volunteering at Radio Looe.


11.1. All volunteers engaged in Radio Looe’ activities are indemnified under Radio Looe’s public liability insurance.

11.2. We will ensure that volunteers are covered for insurance purposes in respect of personal

injury. The insurance will not cover unauthorised actions or actions outside the volunteering


12.Confidentiality, copyright and data protection

12.1. Volunteers will be advised of the need for confidentiality where they have access to

sensitive information which is not public knowledge. A signed agreement may be

required for particularly sensitive projects.

12.2. Volunteers are expected to assign any original copyright works they may produce while

volunteering to Radio Looe and will be asked to sign a copyright agreement

where necessary.

12.3. Personal information recorded about volunteers will be stored and maintained with

appropriate safeguards for confidentiality.

13.Complaints,issues and concerns

13.1. Radio Looe aims to treat all volunteers fairly, objectively and consistently.

Volunteer supervisors are responsible for handling any problems regarding volunteer

conduct or complaints and Radio Looe actively supports volunteer supervisors

by providing relevant training. They will seek to ensure that volunteers’ views are heard,

noted and acted upon promptly and will aim for positive and amicable solutions.

13.2. Supervisors are expected to discuss progress with volunteers on a regular basis. This

will give you both the opportunity to monitor the contribution from the role established,

discuss whether the volunteer would like to change their current contribution and to

ensure that they feel valued and satisfied with their volunteering. This might also be the

right time to establish whether the project is the right one for the volunteer and whether

the project benefits from their contribution.

13.3. If a problem cannot be resolved by the volunteer supervisor, the head of department for

the project is there to make any decisions as appropriate.

  1. Dismissal of Volunteers

14.1 Dismissal or Asking Volunteers to leave Radio Looe will occur where behaviour or behaviours are deemed incompatible with the aims and values of Radio Looe. Reasons for dismissal include shirking duties, driving negativity and conflict among co-workers, or blatently disregarding critical policies (such as equality, harassment, bullying etc) and/ or disregard of direct management instructions.

This Policy will be reviewed on an annual basis by the Directors of Radio Looe.


Published August 2022